FSCS 9.31 to 10.00 upgrade works only via "Push install to Windows hosts" method?

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Dear All,


Have you seen this phenomenon?


Customer has an FSCS 9.31 fleet, properly working under FSPM 10.00 centralized control.


Customer upgrades FSPM to version 10.10 and imports FSCS 10.00b415 install JAR file.


On a single test machine, FSCS is properly upgraded to 10.00 via the "Push install to Windows hosts" method of PMC.


Trying to upgrade FSCS to 10.00 via the PMC's built-in "version upgrade" link results in workstations removing FSCS 9.31, but the new 10.00 protection is not installed and not even "logfile.log" is left behind locally. Customer say they double-checked that the 20-digit licence keycode in use is the correct one (CC...-...9L).


Trying to upgrade FSCS 9.31 to 10.00 via the PMC's built-in "export .MSI package" facility, plus Windows AD Group Policy distribution, also results in leaving workstations without F-Secure protection and not even "logfile.log" is left behind locally.


Thanks in advance, Sincerely:

Tamas Feher, 2F 2000, Hungary.


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    Hello etomcat,


    In order for us to investigate and verify this issue, could you please open a support request with fsdiag from an affected system.

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    I know about F-Secure Partner Support address and often use it.  was just hoping maybe someone in the forum has an off-the-shelf solution to this weird issue.


    Please see F-Secure SR ID: 1-560337149.


    Regrettably FSDIAG is not available, but a small "fsecure.log" file is included in the above ticket.


    Sincerely: Tamas Feher, 2F 2000, Hungary.

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