SMBIOS UID vs randomly generated GUID?

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When upgrading to Client Security 9.20 using policy upgrades, I now get to select between using a SMBIOS Global Unique UID and a randomly generated GUID. This option wasn't available in 9.10 or 9.11. I can't find a good explanation of the two alternatives anywhere. What are the major differences, and which one should I use?


The GUID in 9.11 used computer hardware (the MAC address) to generate a GUID. Would this be the SMBIOS GUID or the randomly generated GUID?


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    Good to know.

    But what is the purpose or maybe this fallback, (SMBIOS), is the purpose.



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    Hi again!


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    Normally you can from 9.1x onwards clone an installation or in virtual environments start from the same image.

    But some vendors cloned the BIOS and forgot cahnge the GUID and then you have the same GUID.

    Other problems with reading the GUID from the Hardware might also be a reason (today or in future).


    Just don't use it unless you get duplicate GUIDs.

    (Agreed: could be documented somehow ;-)





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