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Silent switch does not work anymore, has it been changed? I'm using -s and it skips only the EULA.


  • Siltanen
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    Hello headman78,


    Indeed, the silent switch is disabled in the current version. It is possible we're not re-enabling the switch at all in the future versions of the Uninstallation Tool.

  • MJ-perComp
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  • That sure is disappointing news Smiley Sad

  • Why? Where´s the business case removing this silent switch? Was it too expensive to keep it?


    Smiley Mad

  • etomcat
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    A malware could use the silent switch to fully and unnoticedly remove (not just disable) the F-Secure protection suite, opening the way for other malware to enter the compromised system.


    Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • Extract the UninstallationTool.exe and run uninstallationtool.exe without any parameter from the extracted files.

    The computer is rebooting by default.


    That's ultra secure. No one can uninstall it silent now. Smiley LOL

    Instead of introducing an uninstall password and request the password if an uninstallation is started... no they use an "installshield script"...


    Probably the next version is ultra hardcore encrypted using UPX.

  • Hi, 


    Is there a way to get the old version of the desinstaller to run it in silent mode plz? 



  • MJ-perComp
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    I guess if you need to run UItool you better use the latest obe to ensure that ir removes all remnants. The old tool is likely to miss some settings of newer F-Secure versions.



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