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error 503 on Policy Manager server

helle, i just suddenly getting error 503 on my policy server when i tjek status ports, and i can log in on the policy console eigther.


im running version 10.0


can it be currupt Database?


i have tryed to upgrade to version 10.1 no luck! 

i have also try'ed to delete the database file, but then it dont know my username/password


what can i do here to keep my clients and policy settings?


is there som way i can reinstall the policy server and keep the registeret client and policys? or just the clients?


i really wount reinstal all my client!


i do need to keep the file if i want to do total reinstall, to keep my clients, right?


thaks in advance


  • ascoasco Posts: 4

    i just find out that i cant find the admin.prv file on the server, cant that be the reason for 503 error?


    what are my options here to keep my clients and settings?

  • BenBen Posts: 2,640

    Hello Asco,


    This type of error could be a corrupted H2 DataBase.

    In order to resolve your problem, you can try to restore a previously backed-up functional H2DB.
    In the PM10 all the data including admin keys, policy domain structure, policies, installation packages and so on are stored in H2 database. In order to backup the data, please proceed with the following steps:

        Stop the Policy Manager Server
        Backup the folder [F-Secure Installation Dir]\Management Server 5\data\h2db
        Start the Policy Manager Server

    To restore the data, do the following:

        Stop the Policy Manager Server
        Restore the previously backed up folder contents into [F-Secure Installation Dir]\Management Server 5\data\h2db
        Start the Policy Manager Server


    If reinstalling doesn't help, you should open a ticket to our support so that we can investigate your problem.


    If the DataBase is really corrupted we can try to recover it.



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