Error pushing install to hosts from the policy manager console



I'm the administrator of a network with 100+ clients and i'm trying to push the installation via the policy manager console.

However i get the following error message from all hosts:

"The keycode was missing, invalid, expired, or prohibited. THe installation was aborted. (If you see this message frequently, please contact your administrator.)"

I don't what's is this keycode but I already checked the installation package and the License Key on it is correct.

Any help is aprecciated.




  • carlos
    carlos Posts: 3

    Well thanks for the reply.

    I guess that's the problem. I'm trying to push the version 10 over the 9.32 to all clients.

    Does that means we need to purchase a new license for all users? Or we can just request a new one for the new version?

  • etomcat
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    F-Secure Corp. does not sell versions, but products. Therefore, as long as your current F-Secure licence is valid for support, you should receive the install keycodes for version 10.00 as well. (The software installation binaries are free to download for all.)


    I suggest contacting the point of sale about this matter.


    Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • carlos
    carlos Posts: 3

    I just got a new license for the version 10 from our reseller. Solved. Thanks for the information.

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