Policy Manager 10.10 offline registration

I have an environment that, for security reasons, are not connected to the internet and i just uppgraded the installation of FSPM to version 10.10 and everything went fine till i got to the part where i should register the installation. This was not possible so at the moment I am running the installation on trial.


Is it possible to register FSPM 10.10 without a connection to the internet? 



Klas Nyström



  • MikkoP
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    Hi Klas and other community readers with similiar situation,


    please contact our support for assistance.


    Best regards,


  • I accually contacted the support a few days ago and got the answer that i should connect the system to the internet. When i replied that this was not an option i got the answer that there is not other way to register. I have a hard time to believe this and thats why I post on this forum.


    Mikko, I take it that there is a solution to this? If so, what should i tell the support?



  • MikkoP
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    Yes, we have a solution for isolated high-security networks.


    Please let me know your support case number in a private message.


    Best regards,


  • dannii
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    Hi Mikko


    I have exactly the same Problem!

    I can't register PM10.10 for Linux with my Number...


    best regards


  • MikkoP
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    Hi Marco,


    please read the FAQ of the Policy Manager registration here:



    In case the FAQ does not address your issue, please contact our support.


    Best regards,


  • etomcat
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    Q: What should I do if registration fails, saying that my customer number could not be validated?


    A: Check your network configuration to make sure that Policy Manager Server is able to access the F-Secure registration server (https://corp-reg.f-secure.com)


    Wow, that is a super useless answer, it just repeats what is already written in the screen pop-up error message...


    If there is a need to use a manually configured web proxy with a weird port to reach the public net, as seen in local machine's Firefox browser config, what shall we do?


    The "\Program Files\F-Secure\FSAUA\program\fsaua.cfg" already has the update proxy set, yet no happiness?


    Thanks in advance, Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • etomcat
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    Vendor's support response:


    "The HTTP proxy settings are user-specific. Detecting the settings works only while the current user has a valid proxy configuration.


    Please note: the system account, which is used when no user is logged in, usually does not have proxy settings configured.


    Instead of automatic detection, the proxy settings for Automatic Update Agent can be configured manually in the AUA configuration file.


    The following link explains how to configure the AUA configuration file:

    http://www.f-secure.com/en_EMEA/downloads/documentation/online-help/pm/1000/updating_virus_definitions/tasks/configuring_aua.html "

  • etomcat
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    Never mind, this response of mine does not belong here, so I deleted it.


    Best, regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • choowie
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    Yes, we have that issue where our production sites have NO internet access. We cannot change this for certification and security reasons.


    On other sites, the only internet access is through a proxy (again certification and security reasons). We have tried everything to set up a proxy but the registration process is always trying to access corp-reg.f-secure.com directly (we've sniffed the network).


    This means that the policy manager MUST have a direct internet connection for registration? That is a rather strong limitation if you consider this is only  for licensing.




  • Jayson
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    Hi JLD,

    As mentioned earlier by Mikko, we do have a solution for registration in isolated high-security networks. Please contact our support for assistance.


    Best Regards,

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