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I have policy manager 10.01.40601 installed on a MS SRV2008R2 64-bit. I use F-Secure AV 9.20 and AV for WIn SRV 9.00.


I have been told that F-Secure can exclude files from scanning if they haven't been changed since last scan (something like how reset archive bit in backup products functions). Is that possible and if so - how?





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    Hello fekser,


    It's not possible to exclude files from scanning the way you described it. However, same files are not scanned again by all of the scanning engines if they haven't been modified and there's not yet a new virus definition update available.


  • Hello Siltanen - thx for your answer which makes perfectly sense. :)

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    > and there's not yet a new virus definition update available.


    That is not AND, but a rather big IF. Usually there are several F-Secure database updates per day, which are automatically communicated towards FSPM / FSCS users, so a re-scan will happen every few hours, even if the file in question has not changed.


    I think there could be an extra setting in F-Secure, in order not to re-scan the unchanged file, even if the protection software has received a new signature update. Make the setting display an "You are modifying this feature on your own responsibility!" warning when activated.


    Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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