PSB - computer profile doesnt update.

Hi fsecure users, Ive problem with PSB console. When I go "Computers" in my computer line in "Profile name" next to my profile always is blue circle. Whats that mean? Can U help me how to change it? Greetings :)


  • Peter
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    Hi Adamnbit,

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community and apologies for taking this long to answer back. The blue icon signifies "waiting for response" meaning the workstation (or server) has not yet acknowledged back whether the latest profile has been installed or not. This might normally take some time so my suggestion is to check/verify the situation again.


    Should the problem still exist, I suggest you create a support ticket so we can have a look at the configuration. Please attach the fsdiag file with your ticket.


    Have a nice day!



  • Thank you for answer, ill try to do that. 

  • Thank You for helping information. Problem has been solved automatically. Thank you again and good luck.

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