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F-Secure Protection Server blocks PDF attachments




I have the followinf problem:


F-Secure Protection Server ®  - Version 6.0,  blocks incoming emails that contain PDF files. Not all PDF files are blocked, but only the ones that contain a special attachment inside the PDF file - a file with extension .joboptions . Thsi file is generated whan the PDF file is created by a user in a remote company and is not a virus.


The Reason for the block is "AV: corrupted"


Is sais that the triggered rule is "module.av.rule.error", but this seems to be a system rule.


My question is: How can I create a rule that will not block such files?


If I whitelist the domain, the problem is solved, but I need to be able to receive such files from any domain.


Any ideas?


Thank you.

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  • etomcatetomcat Posts: 1,316
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    > How can I create a rule that will not block such files?


    Why should YOU? You have paid for the PSB licence and you are entitled to the services of F-Secure lab and support, who will solve the problem for you.


    If the .PDF files are not confidental in their content, then mail them to "samples at f-secure dot com" or submit a few of them at:


    Choose the category "false alarm" and describe the situation in a few sentences. F-Secure lab staff will review and adjust the internal software settings and send out an updated definitions set, which will automatically reach your and everybody else's FSAV installations and the problem will be solved worldwide. (Note: when submitting via the website method, you only get a response if you register an acccount.)


    Kind regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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