PC upgraded to PSB Workstation very slow

I've migrated some PC from Client Security 9 to PSB Workstation 9.30 and they became very slow during java compiling with Eclipse or application startup.

For example without real time scanning 15sec vs. 3min with real time scanning enabled.

On the same HW with Client Security 9 we never got problems.

Operating systems involved are XP 32bit and 7 64bit

Someone else have this problem?


  • etomcat
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    Could this be DeepGuard related? Try to disable "advanced DeepGuard monitoring".


    I think PSB may have a newer generation DeepGuard module in it, compared to FSAVCS 9.3. Maybe the more thoroughly investigative new DeepGuard technology causes the symptoms you described?


    (BTW, FSAVCS version 10.0 will also get the upgraded DeepGuard tech soon.)


    Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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