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Clients not accepting change of management server when policy is distributed.



After changing Policy manager server in the settings on our old Policy Manager server (v 9.00.30231) and distributing the policy, 9 clients showed up on the new server. The rest of the clients aren't changing Management server locally on the client computers.

When i check a client they still have the old management server listed. I can see on the client and on the management server that the client has been in contact with the server but the change is not carried out on the client.

It works fine when i change the management server manually on the client.


Regards Thomas


  • thomas_wthomas_w Posts: 2
    Accepted Answer

    Solved the problem myself!!!!!! Missed to make one part of a policy "Final". Did that and sent out the policy again and the clients are popping in one by one!!!!!


    Regards Thomas

  • I remember missing this one before. Just so funny that it is just a human error and was thinking that it came from F-Secure's end. Cheers! image

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