failing to instal f-secure 9 on windows 8 OS



I have upgraded my OS to windows 8, but unable to install f-secure 9, saying it is incompatible…. Is there any solution you can assist so that I install this on my machine. This is the only anti-virus I have, so kindly assist.




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  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Flabba2000,


    Please refer to the following page to know what is the current status of the support for  Windows 8 for our different products.


    Some of our products are already compatible with windows 8, for some other only a beta version is currently available.


    Could you precise the exact name of the product you are trying to install?

  • the exact version is: fscs901-122-FSecure Client Security
  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi Flabba2000,


    The version you are trying to install is indeed not supporting installation on windows 8.

    You can install our technology preview for this product.


    Please refer to the release notes before installing.

  • etomcatetomcat Posts: 1,319 Superuser



    > the exact version is: fscs901-122-FSecure Client Security


    This is an obsolete product version and should not be used anywhere, not even on Windows 7, Vista or XP! Use the current FSCS 9.32 version instead:


    For official Windows 8 support in a production environment, you will have wait until the last day of 2012, as the FSCS 10.00 RTM version is estimated to publish that time.


    (Suprisingly, Windows 8 adoption in the business and institutional sphere is faster than anybody had estimated. It is important to have good Win8 support as fast as possible.)


    Sincerely: Tamas Feher from Hungary.

  • RmBRmB Posts: 31

    Hi etomcat!


    Do you have any further information about fscs10.. Is there still firewall component included?

  • etomcatetomcat Posts: 1,319 Superuser

    > Do you have any further information about fscs10.. Is there still firewall component included?


    The F-Secure CS 9.50 TP pre-beta still has the Internet Shield component with the proprietary "Distributed Firewall" module in it.


    (F-Secure's product development for home-user and corporate-institutional purposes happens in different locations and is done by different teams. The unfortunate decision to drop the proprietary packet filtering firewall from the FSIS 2013 home user edition does not necessarily affect the FSAV Client Security 10 development process.


    Especially if you consider the amount of Windows XP computers still in use with business and institutional entities. The built-in Microsoft firewall of XP is a sad joke, therefore the F-Secure Internet Shield firewall is much needed and must be retained. The MS-firewall situation is better with Vista and Win7, but it is a privilege to be proud of having an exclusive personal firewall in one's protection suite offering.)

  • RmBRmB Posts: 31



    Thanks for your answer! I hope that firewall component is also included in upcoming FSCS releases, I really do!


    It's much easier to control and change firewall settings through PM, than doing it by GPO. I will keep my fingers crossed that Firewall stays where it belongs!


    The product (FSCS) itself is really good choice in corporate protection.





  • RmBRmB Posts: 31

    Thanks Vad!


    I'm happy to hear that firewall is still present in FSCS 10.00. It makes our life much easier to control settings through Policy Manager. 


    I will test new beta immediately.





  • RmBRmB Posts: 31

    Hi Vad!


    Quick notice after testing fscs 10.00. I cannot see browsing protection toolbar in IE8 (Win XP / test computer). Is this normal behavior? 





  • VadVad Posts: 1,075 F-Secure Employee

    Yes, it is normal. We have new Windows 8 compatible versions of BP and WTS in this Beta release.




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