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I'm planning to change the IP address of the PM server and I need to know if there's anything that I should be aware of? At the moment the PM server gets its IP address from DHCP (I know it's bad, but we recently took this environment to our control).


EDIT: I forgot to say that the the old and the new address are in the same subnet.





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    Hi Tapio,

    It depends on how you configured the Management Server Address.

    - Root > Settings > Centralized management > Policy Manager Server settings > Policy Manager Server

    1. By IP address, e.g.
    - If new IP assigned is, change the setting above to
    - Distribute policy. Make sure all clients received latest policy settings.
    - Change your server IP address.

    2. By server name, e.g. http://server.domain.local:80.
    - Update your A record in DNS server accordingly.


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