Silent installation of Client Security


I want to make the installation of F-Secure Client Security 9.01 silent(just exec an .exe or .msi)

Is there a way to do this for standalone installations? Creating an MSI or similar.





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    Moved the article to the End-point Security board.

  • Thanks for the reply Peter but is there no way of doing this since I don't have the Policy Manager Console.

    I read about prodsett.ini but someone said it's not used anymore.



  • Peter
    Peter Posts: 186 F-Secure Product Expert



    Not aware of alternative solutions here. Policy Manager is available for download here and requires no key code to install.
    Installation takes about 5-10 minutes and works even on top of a workstation OS like XP or Win 7.

    And if you need help with anything related, just open a support ticket or give us a call Smiley Happy

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