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Any ideas when a beta or full release of server av will be avalible for server 2012?


Thanks in advance


Dave Barnes

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  • Jouni
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    Hello Dave,

    The Technology preview version is comming out by the end of this year. RTM is early next year.

  • Hi


    It is now Febuary no sign of beta or release =/ any ideas we really need a soultion for AV for server 2012.

  • Vad
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    The Beta of ESS 10.00 with Windows Server 2012 support will be available this or next week.


    Best regards,


  • tle
    tle Posts: 16

    When will the server security 10 be rtm?


    Looking forward to deploy W2K12 servers, but have to wait this...

  • Vad
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    Hello tle,


    ESS 10.00 RC will be published in the nearest future, probably this week. The availability of RTM will depend on feedback we get from RC. Could be still Q1 or early Q2.


    Best regards,


  • etomcat
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    If a customer deploys the FSAV ESS 10.00 RC version in a live production environment, will FSC support them in case some problems emerge?


    Sincerely, Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • Vad
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    Yes, but probably in a bit different ways.

    It depends on the time when we'll get the info about the issue in RC. If we get it before RTM, we'll do our best to add the fix to RTM, and definitely provide the same fix to customer.

    If the problem will be reported after RTM, then most likely our support will ask to upgrade to the RTM build first.


    Best regards,


  • Any update on this?  It has been a month, and should have been ready a long time ago.




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