Which ports to open in Client Security 9.11 FW?



A customer is trying to setup communication between a PC (Windows XP) running FSCS 9.11 and a new bankterminal. I have looked in action.log and found out 2 ports for which I have created a rule allowing traffic using PM 9.00.


All is good in action.log where I can see the traffic is indeed allowed.


However, it´s not working anyway, there is some other (invisible) traffic that still gets blocked so the PC can´t connect to the terminal.


Is there any other log file where I can find IP/ports that are being blocked? Is there a way to log the traffic somehow?


Please advice me on how to solve this, thanks in advance!




  • J-C
    J-C Posts: 46

    Hi Ben,


    Thanks for you help, after a couple of tries we found out which ports to open.





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