F-secure Real time Scanner blocking java applets? (Internet explorer)

Hi guys,


Working in an environment with an f-secure policy manager & 9.2 clients and ran into an issue recently where java applets are being blocked. Since everyones machine is locked down, i've taken the locks off one and been going through trial and error to work out which component is causing the issue.


The first issue was the firewall, which after allowing IPv6 traffic to flow has fixed things-


as per this thread: http://community.f-secure.com/t5/End-point/Java-Pages-dont-work-unless-FW/m-p/15098/highlight/true#M684


However, applets still continue to be blocked when the real time scanner is on (more precisely, real time scanner can be on but "Scan and remove viruses from web traffic" must be off), and I cant figure out how I might configure the policy manager or even a local install to get around this. Toggling the real time scanner off, everything works just fine. 


Rather bizzarely, I actually have standalone on my own machine, fully up to date with no issues. Also, the issue does not occur in firefox, that will happily get on. That lead me to think it was the browser integration, but switching that off doesnt seem to change anything.




Perhaps the biggest hint is that if I test on an external unfettered connection, with the real time scanner ON it actually works OK. Could this be some kind of adapter setting issue somehow or rule set for specific network name?


The issue: (small white triangle towards the bottom should go pink, instead shows red error text)





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