CPU usage for Management agent service



We are using using F-Secure 9 on a citrix farm (12 servers).

On those servers we have regulary a hight cpu usage for the management agent service (process fsma32.exe use totaly 1 core). In those case, we need to restart the service to find back a normal utilisation.

There are no messages in logs folder or in the event viewer.


Did someone else had this problem and find a solution for it ?




  • Vad
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    Hello dc,


    I can recommend you to try SS 9.20, which contains newer version of FSMA and/or contact support for instructions how to collect FSMA debug logs (you'll need special debug versions of binaries for that).

    Without logs it's hard to say what could be the reason.


    Best regards,


  • MJ-perComp
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    I Guess you are using provisioning...


    please make sure that the master image for the farm has a F-Secure that is fully updated and all signatures have been taken into use before you freeze the master-image!


    Do not forget to set the update randomization for the virtual machines to e.g. 600 to avoid a virus storm on the hypervisor.



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