H2 database size

I am curious what is the expected size of the DB, (# of nodes/ DB size ratio)

PMS10.01 is installed on VM Win 2003 server

For roughly 1400 nodes DB reached already 17GB, whie the last Friday it was "barely" 15GB.

Since it is a Virtual machine I can at least easily resize its hard drives, but would be nice to know if anything can be done to control the DB growth.

I was not paying attention to DB size until I noticed significant reduction of the free space on the drive where the PMS is installed.

Is there any tool  permitting to shrink the DB size?

Is there any recommended configuration to limit the amount of information it stores?




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    The Database also holds the imported JARs!

    Still 17GB sounds pretty much!


    What Version/Platform is your PMS?

  • andrzej
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    Already mentioned in my original posting :)

    here are additional details

    PMC/PMS 10.01.40601

    VirtualMachine resides on Windows 2003 Std SP2

    2 CPUs @ 2.53GHz, 4 GB Ram


    It looks that each start of the PMC or even server's reboot contributes to the DB size increase

    DB growth recorded over the last few days

    Friday 15.7 GB

    Monday morning 17.5 GB

    Monday afternoon 18.4 GB

    on Monday HD size was increased from 30 GB to 40 GB and server was rebooted couple of times

    Tuesday remains at 18.4 GB





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    Check the logfiles for extreme communication from a single client that might have gone crazy...


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    Hi Andrzej,


    As advice from Matthias have you clean up unwanted old .jar files from the PM10.01?


    The other option that you can try is to remove the old alert and scanning report.

    Policy manager console > Alert tab > Remove most of the unwanted alert.

    Policy manager console > Scanning report tab > Remove most of the unwanted alert.



  • In general I do not keep too many jar files (only those I might/will need)

    After detecting the high DB size few weeks ago I configured Alerts and Reports to very high value (exceeding the oldest reports kept on the server) and I keep deleting reports/alerts older than 10 days.

    This did not make big impact on the DB size (1GB overall)

    Currently it is sitting t almost 20GB


    Does PMC offer a setting to autopurge older alerts/reports?

    How about history of downloaded updates etc?


  • AndyT
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    Hi Andrzej,


    Does PMC offer a setting to autopurge older alerts/reports?

    How about history of downloaded updates etc?


    There is no option to auto remove the Alerts and Reports, the only option is to hied the alert. It have to be remove manually.


    This tools will flush all the history update and the current update from the PM, but it will redownload back again.



    Please also try to PM Console > Tools > Preferences > Push install tab > Clear Cache.



  • Andy I followed your recommendations (including running of the tool)

    The outcome is not very promissing. After rebooting the DB is now 18.4GB.

    I need more help in troubleshooting the source of the DB growth


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    Regrettably, anything PM's AUA/AUS downloads is stored triplicated, therefore rapidly occupying really large storage areas. If there are only Windows computers in the affected network, then it is unneeded to download the for-Linux antivirus database variants. So maybe prune the corresponding config file. This is not official, but saves a lot of space and the attached instructions picture was provided by F-Secure staff.aus_trim_channels_howto.gif

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    When removing alerts and reports, did you first unselect "hide older alerts/reports"?

    I am really wondering what makes you H2DB that size.

    Signature Updates are not stored in the H2DB!


    JAR files are stored there. So you should remove all unneeded instrallation packages. They are only needed if you want to install a new host, not for management!



  • In the past I needed to uninstall F-S software from workstations which left

    Are you saying that jar files are not needed for that transaction?


    Initialy I set filter to a very large number (was not certain if the unslecting will do the same)

    Concluding all older reports and alerts were removed from the history

  • AndyT
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    Hi Andrej,


    Only the latest jar files is needed for the PM transaction, the older version is not important. Please update us what is the total size of F-Secure folder on program files?






  • Just few jar files were left, I removed all the alerts and reports older than 2 days, DB size remained unchanged at 18.5 GB


  • Total F-Secure folder size (with all the subdirectories) is 25 GB


  • AndyT
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    Thank you for the details on folder size, I will need to check with the h2db once you send to the designated F-Secure ftp. We will update you on the support case.



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    Go to PM console, open Tools, Preferences, Push Installations, Clear cache

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