I fear i have virus in my computer

I just scanned my computer and i fear my computer. When it finished the green bar didn't go full, but it still finished the scan saying my computer is clean. I took pictures to clarify the situation. If it matters, i have ~100 Gb used of 450 Gb's. If this is in wrong forum part please let me know. Thanks in advance :)

ps. Sorry if my english isn't the best





  • It is normal, if you don't have enough files to scan. Have you tried scanning all drives? Did you do a quick scan or a full scan? image

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    actually, similar things happens with FS products very often, don't be afraid actually, it's not virus, it's bug.
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    Hello tonkkari,


    To determine, whether you are in the correct forum, please, let us know what F-Secure product do you have?


    Can you share your scanning report? It contains enough information to see, if you have anything to worry about.


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