Fsecure Gatekeeper Handler using a lot of memory recently - AV for Win Servers 9.0

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As er subject line, I've noticed that a few of our servers are suffering as the fsgk32.exe process is using a lot of memory.  The servers are 64bit Win 2008r2 and are hardware based.  The only solution so far was to restart the service but this is only a short term solution.  I've had a look on the forum and web but can't find why this would be and how to manage this issue. 


Can someone please advise?


Many thanks.




  • I also encounter this problem. I have tried adding memory, but it seems like it ain't worth doing so. Any suggestion? image

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    I would recommend first of all to upgrade to the latest SS 9.20. BTW, you don't need to uninstall you current AV4SRV 9.00 product before upgrade. Just install the new version over it.

    If this doesn't help, please, contact support.




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