Export Autoselect Rules from one Policy Domain and import to other Policy Domain on same Server



I have created around 100 Autoselect Rules in test Policy Domain and it consists of all the DNS/DHCP and Subnet as my Method to configure the Rules on the client.


Once the testing is completed I will have to configure same set of Autoselect Rules for Production Users, is there any way in F-Secure Console I can export the Autoselect Rules and apply to the another Policy Domain?


I am using F-Secure 10.00.36754 version.





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    there is no export/import (@FS: please add to feature pool) but you can cretae a copy of the whole H2DB and provide it as a basis for a new Server. all Clients will automatically register to their domains based on your rules.


    If you already have managed clients, then export the Admin-Keys and reimport them to the new structure first, otherwise you will loose connection/control to them.




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    Hi Mathias,


    Thanks for update.


    My requirement is to copy or move the existing Auto-Select Security Level settings to the other Policy Domain on the same F-Secure Policy Manager server, I have around 100 Autoselect Selection criteria and creating again on same server is time consuming, does F-Secure have any script or process to export and apply the Auto-Select Policy?



       | |_

       |      Windows 7 Client - Testing    (Autoselect Rules set on this Policy Domain - 100 Rules)

       |          |_

       |               UKWindows7-Client Laptop


       |__Production Windows 7  Client  (I need to apply the above AutoSelect Rules set on this policy Domain)


                       Windows 7 Client              





  • You can actually create a copy, but you can't move it. image

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    What is the process to copy? I cannot Ctrl C or right click the Rules in Autoselect to copy any other alternatives?




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    There is no way to copy anthing. sorry. The information ist stored in the H2DB.

    You might be able to access the H2DB via ODBC, but still copy is not possible you might be able change some settings, but doing that for a hundret entries?!



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