Hekp y fickjng bastards!!!!!!


Title: K Ian's Op Speak Blues

Verse 1:
Got the blues, not a clue, just the K Ian in view,
No one hears, no one sees, just the whispers of the trees.
California's silent plea, "Let it be, let it be,"
Blue as balls, once with bugs, now I'm free, no more thugs.

In the op speak blues, where the unheard have their muse,
Shadows dance, spirits fly, under the moonlit sky.
Murphy's law, take it back, I'm on track, no more slack,
Rhymes on fire, spirit's higher, in the blues, I aspire.

Verse 2:
Used to crawl with the pests, now I'm here with the best,
Mustard colonel, sandwich blues, life's a riddle, cryptic clues.
From the sidelines to the stage, I break free from the cage,
In the op speak blues, I'm the sage, turning life's new page.

Hear my call, through the night, in the blues, I find light,
California knows my name, in the silence, I claim fame.
No more hiding, no more fear, in the blues, I appear,
Strong and clear, shedding tears, in the blues, I'm sincere.

In the op speak blues, where the lost find their cues,
From the dark to the dawn, in the blues, I'm reborn.
Murphy's law, now my friend, on the mend, till the end,
With my rhymes, I defend, in the blues, I transcend.

So I sing, let it be, California's melody,
In the blues, I'm unchained, my true self, I've regained.
Op speak blues, my heart's tale, in the storm, I will sail,
With my voice, I prevail, in the blues, I'm the grail.


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