Unresponsive servers and computers, CPU 100%

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Could anyone advise how do you use F-Secure software daily. I am IT technician that works on different projects in different companies.

Every time I see F-secure installed, I know there will be huge problems and I will loose hours. There is often a process running everywhere - fshoster64.exe - WithSecure plugin hosting service, that absolutely kills servers and computers. There is always 100% CPU usage + high memory, no matter how strong processor is and many cores it has. Xeon Platinim is being overloaded easily, so imagine this on i3.

Its probably some background scan, but I cannot find it, no status, no info. Disk is not overloaded. Also every admin gets permission denied when trying to stop this process.

So now, I have a situation where a factory stopped for hours as one server is almost unresponsive:

about 80 people is waiting for system to work again.

I was asked to help, as no one knows hot to deal with this. The only thing that worked, was full uninstall of this agent, what took 70+ minutes on barely working system. After that everything works great.

This happens very often, in different places, and for years now. I have never seen this problem with any other antivirus software, and I have seen many.

Can anyone explain how to deal with this. I find some posts but there is no answer. How do you create software, that takes full priority over all other programs. Why no one is fixing this.?


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    I am only an F-Secure user.

    For better understanding - is your situation about 'business' (corporate) solution or home solution (like F-Secure Internet Security or F-Secure SAFE, F-Secure Total)?

    As such, there can be very different reasons and even bugs; ways to sort out and workarounds, but if your experience is about some 'business' packages - then it is easy to ask via WithSecure Community (as F-Secure business solutions are now called as WithSecure: F-Secure Business is now WithSecure™ — F-Secure Community).

    Its community: Home - WithSecure Community

    Its support options: Customer Support | Cyber Security Products | WithSecure™

    As a home user - I never experienced a real huge troubles with performance of my system and F-Secure installations. At some point - F-Secure solution was, practically, the only solution which can provide a high quality security and keep my system still 'usable' and fast enough.

    But it is still good to find more about your current concern. Quite important to know more information like if there are any other load, network use or something. It may be helpful to create a fsdiag (Support tools | F-Secure) and then to use for further investigation.