Console 10.1, lot of network trafic FINGER



 We have put a network sniffer on our network, and have seen a lot of trafic from our PM Console server (many gigas per days). The console always send a lot of packet on the FINGER protocol towards the clients.


 Is there a way to minimize this ?




  • Siltanen
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    Hi nicko,


    I would assume two things here:


    1) The "network scanner" you're using tries to tie used ports to known services and assumes that traffic on port 79 is FINGER protocol.

    2) You have host module port configured to port 79.


    If the above holds true; it's the normal Policy Manager Server generated traffic that you're seeing in the "network scanner" (policies, new client installations, hotfix installations, etc.)

  • suntattood
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    Or it is possible that your network scanner is just acting a bit weird. I have checked mine and everything is working quite fine. image

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