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we are running fs 15:30 on windows appserver IIS webbapp and a separate NAS serverstorage. IIS operations that move and writes large files, slows down and times out. We uninstalled fs to see if this was the issues. We did the same tests done prior to the uninstallation and found the f-secure was the problem. Now we are trying to find exclusion solutions but fshoster doesn’t seem to care to if deep guard is disabled and an exclusion is made for real-time scan.

As soon as the iis is running a certain exe f-secure does something without notifying… probably scanning of the large tiff files. The IIS Webbapp operating timesout.

The only thing that works is if we uninstall F-Secure which is not a good solution.

Please help us find a solution.

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    It is likely that mentioned fs 15:30 is "F-Secure Client Security 15.30".

    As such, near one year - F-Secure for Business is now WithSecure™ (blog-post about: What you need to know about the launch of WithSecure™ - F-Secure Blog)

    Even if F-Secure Community moderators with any possibility to transfer your concern, I think it is better if you will make a registration and ask directly on WithSecurity Community: Home - WithSecure Community

    It could be faster and beneficially. Even, maybe, some discussions about subject is existed there.