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    Hello @bingo

    Thank you for your post.

    As part of the normal life cycle for hardware products, F-Secure SENSE Router is no longer available for purchase as of October 26, 2020.

    Support for existing F-Secure Sense Router users

    We are committed to supporting SENSE Router according to the terms of service. F-Secure continues to update both the SENSE Router firmware and the SENSE Router app.

    F-Secure now offers F-Secure Sense as a pre-installed solution in third-party

    F-Secure has started offering F-Secure Sense connected home security as a pre-installed solution in selected third-party routers sold by telecommunications operators and internet service providers as part of their offering to end customers.

    At the moment, the F-Secure Sense solution is intended for our telco operator and internet service provider channel; ask your operator or internet service provider if they are already offering the solution in your region. We are exploring the possibilities of offering the solution also to our direct customers.

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    Hi All

    Im in the process of renewing my subscription, i have a sence router .

    Is this still being supported and updated or do i need to look for a new option , can someone please advise

    Many thanks

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