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Hi all,

We have multiple workstations that seems to give problems in Excel(large files and calculations) when F-Secure Client Security Premium is activated. The problems are notifications from excel where it states that memory is exceeded of out of diskspace.

When deactivated there isn't any limit, and no problem running big excel files.

Is there any exclusion or setting which could help and still keep f-secure activated? I would like to prevent that we exclude EXCEL.EXE and someone opens a malicious Excel file.

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    Hello @KeesS

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community page. Thank you for your post.

    Client Security Premium is a corporate product. I would recommend you create a new post on our corporate page WithSecure https://community.withsecure.com/

    Thank you and have a good day.


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    Thank you for your reply. I will ask my question there!