f-secure-linuxsecurity missing python

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I am trying to install f-secure-linuxsecurity-12.0.21-1 on a fedora 36 system (I know - not supported, but it worked in the past).

After installing I get:

/opt/f-secure/linuxsecurity/download/linuxsecurity-1200-linux-x86_64/1661945972/content/setup: missing package: python

Please install missing packages and try again.

2022-11-18 09:13:12 src/fsbootstrap.c:466[7] executing '/opt/f-secure/linuxsecurity/download/linuxsecurity-1200-linux-x86_64/1661945972/content/setup' failed, resu

lt 256

2022-11-18 09:13:12 src/fsbootstrap.c:228[7] install failed

activate: activation failed: exit status 2

Failed to activate the product!

"python" is a little bit unspecific. of course python3 is installed. strace did not help.

Does anyone know which package is needed?

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    Hello @Otto001

    Welcome to the F-Secure Community page and thank you for your post.

    Our corporate product has moved to the WithSecure. Kindly make a new post on WithSecure community page. You may visit this link https://community.withsecure.com/

    Thank you and have a good day.