problematically high memory consumption during weekly check-up

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For a few months, we have had the F-secure Client Security Premium antivirus installed on our computers at work, but I have a problem that my co-workers don't have and that the IT guys don't seem to understand as well:

Every Monday at 13h30 there is the automatic weekly checkup and for 5 to 40 minutes each week, my laptop will slow down, and sometimes almost freeze because of it, because when I look up the Task Manager, the F-Secure Pisces Hoster x64 will have some peaks of memory usage up to 8 Go of RAM (I have 16Go RAM), and can increase Disk usage to 100%. (And the F-Secure plugin hosting service uses something like 500 Mo of RAM all the time)

IT guys tried to uninstall/reinstall it on my computer and even change the hour for the checkup, but it didn't miss, 13h45 and it's back at it

Do you have any solutions or explanations which can explain this problem ?

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