Server not reporting to F-secure console

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Hi There,

From past few days we are facing an issue where an server is not reporting to F-secure console.

We had reinstalled the av agent but still the issue exists.

what can be done is such case. What are the factors that needs to be checked

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    Please note that we have a new Business Community here now -

    Regarding your issue, we propose to reboot the device and ensure that F-Secure services (for example, F-Secure Hoster service, etc.) are up and running.

    Also, you need to ensure that the connectivity towards * and * has been whitelisted. You may run the F-Secure Connectivity Tool(fsconnectionchecker.exe) from ...\F-Secure\PSB\ui, to validate the connectivity state towards the F-Secure backend.

    On the other hand, you may have configured the product to use SMBIOS GUID for the device, in reporting to the backend, following the steps as documented in the following guidelines:

    In this case, as if SMBIOS GUID for the device had changed since the product registered to the backend, the device status upstream will be blocked by the backend.

    To validate, you can compare the existing SMBIOS GUID for the device with the String value, OriginalSmbiosID in the registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE(\WOW6432Node)\F-Secure\NS\default\OneClient

    To workaround the issue, you can proceed to delete the String value, OriginalSmbiosID. This shall allow device status upstream to work.

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