Clients not showing up in F-Secure Administration "Managed Clients"

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I installed F-Secure on an virtual Server. Windows Server 2019.

Via the F-Secure Administration I can install FSCS to all our Clients (Win10/Win11/Server 2012 R2/Server 2019).

But about 50% of the clients do not show up in "Receivable Clients". From there I can put them in our Domain Structur in this Administration Tool and the Client is managed.

Sry for my Englisch and the words. Hope the translation is ok, cause I have German version and only the german terms in the Administration.

Someone any ideas why this happens. I dont think its a totally general missconfiguration, because in 50% it works just fine.

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Accepted Answer

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    We have a new Community for Business now -

    What version Client Security and did you mean this red box ? Are the hosts showing up in "Pending" or "Unmanaged " ?

    Are the hosts going through Policy Manager Proxy (PMP) ?


    Test the connectivity from the host to Policy Manager Server by using the HTTP and HTTPS protocol:

    1. Open any web browser on the host that has F-Secure Client Security installed.
    2. Enter the IP address of the Policy Manager and press Enter.
    3. Repeat the test, only this time by using the HTTPS protocol (for example

    If the HTTP (automatic updates) and HTTPS (management agent) connections are working, a webpage from the Policy Manager Server should be displayed. 

    If the connection fails, troubleshoot the network connectivity between the host and Policy Manager at your end. Verify whether the host and the server can reach each other (for example through corporate firewall, switches or a proxy).

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