Software Updater doesn't install or offer updates

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Most software updates are not installed.

WithSecure Software Updater is supposed to install various software updates, including cumulative updates of Windows 10.

I have 50 windows clients. Automatic Windows updates are disabled on each computer.

According to WithSecure Web interface, only 10 % of updates are installed, 10 % have the status “Could not install update”, 10 % have “Could not download update”, and 70 % are not even offered. That include Windows Update and 3rd party software, but I do my tests with Windows Update.

When I do manual search on WithSecure client’s interface, updates that should be done are not showing up for most of them. However, when searching with the Windows Update interface, it shows them to me and installs them.

So, I don't understand Software Updater logic. Can anyone help me?

PS: I already check this post which does not solve my problem :

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    Hi James,

    Ok, thank you. I will use the new web site next time.

    The KB concerned are, for example, the Cumulative Update for Windows of May and June (KB5014699 and KB5013942). There is also Cumulative Update for .NET (KB5013624).

    Like I said, this worked for some computers. For example, the KB5013942 was installed on 8 computers by F-Secure, installation failed on 10 others, and it was not offered on the other 32.

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    Thanks for sharing the info

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