How to allow ping?

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Besides those rules, what I need to allow to succesfully ping my machines in local network?

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    Hi, please be advised that we have a new WithSecure Business Community here now -

    Can you try the below steps and let me know if it works?

    1. Log in into the Elements Portal
    2. Select Profiles and choose Computer Protection for Windows
    3. Select the profile you want to edit
    4. Go to Firewall
    5. Scroll to Select profile to edit: -section
    6. Select the firewall profile you want to edit from the drop down menu
    7. Scroll to Firewall rules to F-Secure profile:..... -section
    8. Click Add rule
    9. Enter a name and description for the rule e.g.  ICMP messages - Ping
    10. Action and direction : Allow & In
    11. Protocol: ICMP
    12. Press Save and Publish
    13. Go to Devices and select the computer you want to assign the profile to
    14. Select Assign profile.

    Note: The default profiles are also editable, but from easier maintenance point of view, it's usually better to create your own rules.

    Note 2: In order to make more restricted rule, you can type 8:* in the rule's ICMP types and codes -field. That way only the necessary Echo Request ICMP type will be active in the firewall rule.



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    Hi, added the rule, no change.

    The log still says, the problem is in outgoing traffic.

    2022-06-28 10:51:01.519 [2f60.0abc] I: Type: FWPM_NET_EVENT_TYPE_CLASSIFY_DROP. Dropped by filter: Shielded Main Rule, Shielded Main Rule. Dropped by layer: ALE-vastaanoton/-hyväksymisen v4-kerros. Direction: outbound. Local port: 8. IPv4 local address: IPv4 remote address: Protocol: ICMP(1). Application: System. User SID: S-1-5-18. 

    I've added a topic on withsecure forum yesterday, but no reply yet.

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