11.60 F-Secure not longer getting virus definition updates?

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Thing is, my pretty much outdated anti-virus stopped updating the virus definitions. Checking for updates does not do anything.

It's a pretty old computer I have at me (4 years). I had this antivirus since the starts of the computer.

Sadly I do not remember the license stuff and anything. I'm also sure that the support ended for this version, but I still kept getting virus definition updates until now.

Could it have been an infection resulting in it, or might've been the updates shutting down?

I really don't want to reinstall since I got no longer access to the product for installation. I also don't really want to upgrade to later versions, the only thing concerning me is if I got infected or not.

Computer acts the same, everything is just as fast as was. Only difference is that F-Secure shows just a yellow "warning" on itself.

The last virus definition update's date: "2022-06-13 14:56:55"


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    Support for Client Security 11.60 has ended and we cannot guarantee the functionality of this product.

    Information security threats are widespread and continuously becoming more complex. Our newest product versions introduce many advanced features that enhance your protection. We cannot guarantee an optimal level of protection for customers using older product versions.

    The replacing product is F-Secure Business Suite 15-series.