Bluescreen with PolicyManager and Client Version 15.30 on Lenovo Laptops

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I had 4 Lenovo Laptops (different Models) which had sudden Bluescreens. I could see it was the fsulgk.sys which was mentioned on the bluescreen. After deinstalling f-secure on the console everything is working fine now.


  • Jamesch
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    The latest update is released to production which should fix the BSOD issue.

    To check the latest update’s version and make sure that it is as per below:

    { 'ulcore-win32': { 'cookie': '60a6ef16',

    'title': 'F-Secure Ultralight Core (32-bit) '


    'version': 1649177015},

    'ulcore-win64': { 'cookie': '8d6891fe',

    'title': 'F-Secure Ultralight Core (64-bit) '


    'version': 1649176966}}