F-secure Elements Mobile VPN Connection issues / How To Solve

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First, this application was a bit more involved with respect to the VPN portion vs. Freedome which I found simple and without issue, ever. We had this installed on 6 mobile devices.

After removing Mobile Security and Freedome to get ready to install the new all-in-one EPP for Mobile Protection connection problems began out of the gate with Connectivity though no issues with the Av / Malware portion of this App. Unlike Freedome, EPP for Mobile Protection does not ask nor prompt you for the WiFi networks say at your office or home. Everything is blocked unless you manually allow. How does one allow?

Go into the VPN portion of this App by opening the APP, tap Network Protection, in the upper right corner tap the 3 bars. Once this opens scroll down to Trusted WiFi Networks. Since you are only connected to 1 Wifi, be sure and tick that box. Once that is saved. Turn off that WiFi on your phone and connect to any other WiFi's you use at your Office or Home, repeat this process until each one is added manually. This solution appears to work. Why F-secure doesn't ask" Which of the following WiFi's are trusted" vs. blocking them all is beyond me. Everyone knows a log is kept of all the WiFi's you've ever connected to and of course what's currently in range. I have submitted a ticket. I believe this would be a better, simpler process (to be asked) vs. to figure this out on your own.

If this doesn't work, please submit a ticket to F-secure Support.

I'm a long time F-secure user (since 1990 when it was F-prot) and truly dig their products. Hope they revisit this aspect of EPP for Mobile Protection. Cheers