Update version 15.30 not works

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Hi, I have a problem with update version 15.30, in the server appear this screen:

and in one user:

I mark this IP because it does not correspond to the server's and I do not know where to change it,

Thanks for the help.

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    Hi Diego

    Can you please share with us more information on the scenario? You have may provided the wrong Policy Manager (PM) address in Policy Manager Console (PMC) upgrade wizard or in PMC PM address. You may need a keyreplacer hotfix for local installations. 

    1) What version is PM ?

    2) How many hosts are affected ?

    3) Is PM an upgrade or did you move PM to a new server ?


    Test the connectivity from the host to Policy Manager Server by using the HTTP and HTTPS protocol:

    1. Open any web browser on the host that has F-Secure Client Security installed.
    2. Enter the IP address of the Policy Manager and press Enter.
    3. Repeat the test, only this time by using the HTTPS protocol (for example

    If the HTTP (automatic updates) and HTTPS (management agent) connections are working, a webpage from the Policy Manager Server should be displayed. 

    If the connection fails, troubleshoot the network connectivity between the host and Policy Manager at your end. Verify whether the host and the server can reach each other (for example through corporate firewall, switches or a proxy).

  • diego_support
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    Hi Jamesch,

    the version is 15.30.96305:

    the hosts affected are the six that are seen in the console,

    and not is a movent is an upgrade,

    I will try the connection from the hosts and I will tell you, thank you very much for the help, greetings.

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    Hi Jamesch,

    we have found part of the problem, the server ip from the hosts was not correct, but after updating the version on the hosts with the correct ip the F-secure client keeps giving me this msg:

    protection malfunction, restart your computer

    would you know what it could be due to?


  • diego_support
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    Hi Jamesch,

    ok, I will do so, thank you.

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