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I just bought a new phone and need to control my Sense router with it as the old phone no longer properly works. A thread from 2017 stated that it was at the time not possible to transfer the control and rather I should reset the whole network and set it up from scratch. The message also said that the developer is looking into creating means to allow for administration from several devices.

That was five years ago, so I'm wondering if the transfer is now possible without resetting the entire network, and if so, how? Can't find any relevant buttons in the Sense app on the new phone...

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    Hi @ferçen

    F-Secure SENSE still supports only one device as an admin device. As a security router, it could be counterproductive to allow multiple devices as the admin.

    If you want to change your old admin device to a new one, you need to reset the F-Secure SENSE router and start the setup process.

    1. Perform a soft reset on the F-Secure SENSE router.
    2. Using your new device to be used as an admin device, set up F-Secure SENSE.

    Tip: During the setup process, reuse your previous network name (SSID) and password to avoid reconnecting all your devices to the newly set up SENSE network.

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