Problem getting a MAC Client connected to Policy-Manager

PeterPfahl Posts: 1 New Member


perhaps someone can help me (sorry for my not so good english, i am native german speaking).

We habe installed the Client Security on an older MAC (10.15.7) and the connection to PM was no problem, after allowing access and trust the certifikates.

Then we created a new packed 15.03 - updates the older MAC -> Everything fine. The client changed to 15.03 in the PM.

I now have to newer MAC 11.x and one with 12.1, and the Client Security installes, but i get no certificate trust question, and they do not connect to PM.

I opened safari, and trusted the certifikates of the PM Server, but they still do not show up.

Can someone point me to the correct way, to get it working? I think im a missing something on the MAC.

The packed i exported, to install it, is with the FQDN of the PM Server.

Thanks a lot, Peter