USB disc not automatically scanned when inserted into PC

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We have F-Secure client security 15 on PC's and when I insert a USB key or disc, the USB media is not automatically scanned.

I have to the scan it manually.

Is there a way that allows , as soon as I insert the media, to automatically scan the media ? (I didn't find the option under Policy Manager and on the PC, I've set, in scanning settings, "USB scanning devices" at "ON" but it doesn't work. I've just a notification which asks me if I want to perform a scan.

Thanks for your replies,

Valerie, Paris, France

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    Thanks for your answer. It's a different behaviour regarding other products.




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    Hi Valerie

    Our software does not currently include an auto-scan function for when an attached device (USB flash drives, SD cards etc) is plugged in. However, this should not be necessary. When a file is accessed from the attached removable media or device, it is immediately scanned by the Real-Time Scanning feature. 

    However we do have a feature "Ask users to scan USB storage devices". This feature is can be found in Profiles under Manual Scanning setting. 

    When this feature is enabled, there will be a notification prompted to ask end users to scan any USB storage devices that they plugged in. This feature requires PSB Computer Protection v20.6 and above and Client Security 15.x. You can simply close the notification without scanning and still able to use the USB device or you may choose to scan the device.