F-Secure Elements Connector

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Elements Connector is an on-premise product that may serve two purposes:

  • Optimizes traffic between managed endpoints in your environment and F-Secure services by caching Software Updater and malware definition updates. That is the heaviest type of external traffic consumed by F-Secure endpoints caching that can significantly reduce Internet costs.
  • For companies using security monitoring services such as Splunk, Elements Connector provides security events forwarding from F-Secure cloud services to SIEM.


Installation and upgrade:

  • Elements Connector installation and configuration are all self-service steps. Elements Connector subscription is free of charge but it is needed for registration. Subscription can be created by the Elements portal users for any company directly from the Downloads view. See Elements Connector Getting Started Guide to get the Connector up and running: https://help.f-secure.com/data/pdf/elements_connector_eng.pdf
  • Once installed Elements Connector is automatically upgraded to the latest version from the cloud.
  • Elements Connector replaces F-Secure Endpoint Proxy keeping all proxy capabilities.


Product features:

  • Elements Connector is fully managed from the Elements portal being visible in the Devices view and configurable via profiles.
  • With Elements Connector, you can stream all security events from the F-Secure Elements portal to your SIEM. Elements Connector supports Syslog, Common Event Format (CEF), and Log Event Extended Format (LEEF) message formats to stream data, which makes it a generic solution to integrate seamlessly with almost any SIEM. You can configure the use of the forwarding feature for the whole partner scope or limit it to a certain company.
  • Elements Connector keeps all proxy capabilities as were supported by F-Secure Endpoint Proxy: it serves malware definitions and software updates.
  • Bandwidth optimization.
  • Simplified firewall configuration.
  • Managed from F-Secure Elements Security Center.

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