Security cloud connectivity

On the dashboard one PC has this message:

Security cloud connectivity Unstable

htt ps://

(without the space after htt)

What does it mean and what can I do about it?



  • ysi_it_supportysi_it_support Posts: 1 New Member

    I am seeing the same notation for one of m devices. Any suggestions interpretations and action(s) to take?

  • jameschjamesch Posts: 291 Moderator


    Connectivity issues to the F-Secure Security Cloud:

    By default the product checks the files using the F-Secure Security Cloud. If the connectivity to the Security Cloud is blocked, it may cause degraded performance on the device, since the product will be unable to check the whitelisted files from the cloud and DeepGuard will start to aggressively monitor applications.

    You can read more about the purpose, function and benefits of F-Secure Security Cloud from here.

    If you have Security Cloud enabled, make sure that the product is able to access the following domain ranges:

    • *
    • *

    If you need a more precise list of addresses, you can view all the required addresses with the F-Secure Connectivity Tool, which is available in the installation folders of Computer Protection or Server Protection. With the tool you can view the list of addresses and check you connection to them.

    The tool is located in the following folder:

    • Computer Protection and Server Protection: C:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\PSB\ui\fsconnectionchecker.exe

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