This rule blocks F-Secure services

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we are currently planning to switch to F-Secure Client Security 15

and have created 2 firewall profiles with corresponding rules.

The selection of the profile is done by the detection of our DNS servers in the

internal company network. If a DNS server is found, then everything is allowed.

If no DNS is found, then the second profile takes effect. The users can then

only use DNS and our VPN gateway is reachable.

This works very well. But when users are in the homeoffice

we always get the message:

This rule blocks F-Secure services 

Details: Erstellung oder Bearbeitung einer F-Secure-Firewallregel fehlgeschlagen Regelname:

Rest-Blockieren (All:out) (F-Secure) Fehler: This rule blocks F-Secure services 

How do we get rid of the message?

With kind regards



  • jameschjamesch Posts: 291 Moderator
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    Hi Ole

    What Client Security version are you upgrading from ?

    Are you getting the block message on Client Security 13, 14 or 15 ?

  • OGrelckOGrelck Posts: 6 New Member

    Hi Jamesch,

    we are upgrading from Client Security 13 to 15.

    We had similar profiles and rules in 13 and did

    not get this warning message in Policy Manager.

    For Client Security 14/15 we have to recreate this

    profiles and rules we had in 13.

    Currently we are only testing Client Security 15 with

    some clients and get this message.

  • jameschjamesch Posts: 291 Moderator


    Since you are getting the message on supported CS 15 , I would suggest to create a support ticket so we can assist you further.

    Please include FSDiag from the affected host, and also Policy Manager Server.

    We need to check the log timings for work from home office for this machine.

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