Bug-report: Full disk access warning in macOS Big Sur

When running F-Secure Computer Protection on macOS Big Sur 11.4 (stable release) or macOS Monetrey beta 3 (developer preview), the status window says it lacks the full disk access permission, even though it has it. Removing and adding the permission doesn’t solve the issue. The status indicator in the menu bar does however state that everything is working (“computer is protected” next to a green check-mark).

Tested with:

  • F-Secure CP 17.10 (36471) on macOS Big Sur 11.4
  • F-Secure CP and RDR 17.10 (36471) on macOS Monterey beta 3

Accepted Answer

  • jameschjamesch Posts: 255 Moderator
    Accepted Answer

    Hi, About Full Disk Access — we have notified a new build with the fix being out. 36471 is an old build.



  • karlemilnikkakarlemilnikka Posts: 8 New Member

    I see. I had to manually uninstall and reinstall a newer build. Thanks for the quick reply.

    Best regards

    Karl Emil Nikka

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