Subscription transfer from KEY Premium to ID Protection failed

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recently I made the upgrade from KEY Premium to ID Protection on my desktop PC using a newly created account. KEY has been uninstalled and ID Protection now works well with my master password.

However, my KEY subscription, which is valid until June 2028, was not transferred to ID Protection as promised in the upgrade information in KEY ("Your subscription (with a free additional month) and your passwords will be transferred within a few minutes."). ID Protection now only has a subscription until September 2021!

So how do I get my subscription, which is still valid for 7 years, which I fortunately get displayed on another device in KEY, transferred to B now?

I have been using F-Secure products such as KEY and SAVE (on up to 10 devices) for many years, have always been very satisfied and now really hope to be able to continue to rely on your products.

Thank you and kind regards,

A. Fleischer


  • Lucaseuropa
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    Dear @Borstel,

    Thank you for you message.

    Normally, this is the workflow:

    Firstly, you create a trial My F-Secure account for F-Secure ID Protection on this page:

    • If you have a valid order for F-Secure Key Premium, you then contact customer support providing your F-Secure Key code and the order confirmation. Your IDP account will be adapted accordingly and you will additionally receive one month on top of that for free.
    • If you use a free version of F-Secure Key, you will receive three months of ID Protection subscription for free. Please contact customer support and the months will be added to your account.

    I have checked your email address internally and couldn't found any purchases linked with it. There is, however, a My F-Secure account linked with your email address, but it's for F-Secure SAFE.

    There are no indications that you have had F-Secure KEY premium version.

    In this case I will need to contact you in a private message asking for more information or license codes you might have purchased/used to check the validity.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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    @Lucaseuropa This happened to me also and I think the lack of subscriptions in specific email is caused by the reason that you didn’t need to do an account when you downloaded the KEY and bought the subscription. When you do a new account, the KEY order isn’t connected to that email. This has happened to me also and would like to find a way to fix this / or customer support to contact me.

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    I have the same issue. I have another account (F-secure safe), but it was impossible to use that account - I was forced to create a new one with trials..

    Could you kindly contact me also?

    (Have you discovered, what kind of customer experience this will gain?)

  • Lucaseuropa
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    Dear @bitroid

    I do encourage you to familiarize yourself with the help article here:

    As you can read there, if you already have a My F-Secure account for SAFE, this account is not compatible with ID PROTECTION, therefore you'd need to create a completely new My F-Secure account with a different email address. You will then have two separate My F-Secure accounts: one for SAFE and one for ID PROTECTION. Alternatively, you may upgrade your F-Secure SAFE to TOTAL so you can have both products in one account with Freedome VPN inclusive.

  • NANO58
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    Tengo instalada la app F SECURE KEY, y ante el aviso de que se acaba, me descargue hace unos días la aplicación nueva y al caducar el pedido de prueba tenía que hacer la suscripción, pero me equivoque y en lugar de hacer y pagar la suscripción en la nueva app SECURE ID PROTECTION lo hice en F SECURE JEY y ahora la tengo hasta agosto de 2022. ¿Como se puede cambiar la suscripción de F SECURE JEY a ID PROTECCIÓN?

  • Lucaseuropa
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    Hey @NANO58

    Please provide me with a reference number of your purchase in a private message and I'll be able to sort this out.


  • NANO58
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    ¿Como te envío un mensaje privado?

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