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Hi.I trying to find a place in the portal where i can see if deepguard is enabled on servers and Clients. I know i can lock the engine to be enabled in the profile but i some cases i would like to be able to disable it locally. but if that happens i can´t find a place where i can see if it´s disabled. In the portal. under devices -> category i can find Malware protection and Real-time scanning. note sure whats the difference? And missing a tab for deepguard here.

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  • MonikaLMonikaL Posts: 170 Moderator


    To enable/disable Deepguard from PSB portal, please do the following:

    1. Logon to PSB portal.

    2. Click on the Devices tab on the sidebar.

    3. Select the device and open the profile that has been assigned to the device.

    4.Go to Real-time scanning settings tab and scroll down to Deepguard.

    Currently, there is no such feature implemented on the PSB Portal to re-enable a feature that has been disabled by a user locally on the computer running Computer Protection, but as a workaround you could force the policy on the profile, which will re-enable the feature on every computer using that profile.

    For example if a user disables Real-Time scanning and then forgets to re-enable it, you can open the profile for that computer, finding the Real-Time scanning setting, and click on the lock icon and save the profile. Then after a few minutes you can unlock the setting and save again. That will for the computer to enable Real-Time scanning, and by unlocking it again, the user will be able to disable it again if needed.

  • car82car82 Posts: 4 New Member

    HI. Thanks for the feedback.

    I´m not looking for a method to reenable

    deebgaurd from the console. Even I might be great also. Primarily I was asking

    for how I can detect in the portal that deepguard is enabled or not on the


    Regards Carsten

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    In the PSB portal, under Devices tab, there is visibility to the following categories if they are enabled/disabled on the device: Malware protection, Firewall, and Software updates.

    There is no option to see if Deepguard is enabled/disabled on a particular device other than to check under the assigned profile.

  • car82car82 Posts: 4 New Member


    Can you ask the product team if that can develop?

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