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After many years of subscribing to the Premium service I'm now having problems with sychronising between Android (my Premium payment device) and Windows 10. New / updated passwords made on my Android device appear in F-Secure KEY on my Windows 10 PC. However, new / updated passwords made on my PC do not appear on my Android device. I have tried resyncing but this doesn't fix it.

After synching, F-Secure KEY on my PC is still showing 'Subscription Service: FREE'. Is this correct?


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    Dear @mash,

    Thank you for your question.

    I've permitted myself to move your thread from the ID Protection to KEY board, as your question does concern F-Secure KEY.

    Please try the following first:

    1. Close F-Secure KEY.
    2. Open the Windows control panel and select "Add or remove programs". In the list of installed programs you will see installation package called "F-Secure KEY: User Data".
    3. Uninstall this user data package - it will clean the password data of the current user.
    4. You can now close the control panel dialogs and restart F-Secure KEY. You will be asked to create the master password just as with first use and the contents of the app will be empty. (In the background a new "F-Secure KEY: User Data" installation package will be created.)
    5. Synchronize F-Secure Key on your Windows computer with your other device.

    As a workaround, please try to uninstall F-Secure Key completely from your computer and re-install it from this link. When you have installed F-Secure Key, synchronize F-Secure Key with your other device.

    Let me know whether you still experience synchronization issues.

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    Hey @mash!

    I do believe that the problem you experience has already been mentioned in this conversation:

    Please check your KEY version first and confirm whether you still experience the same problem.


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