Blank F-Secure Email and Server Security 15 Web Console after upgrading from 12 version

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I've upgraded our installation (v12) to 15 version. After completing setup - web console is shown totally blank (checked in IE and Firefox) - without any error (except cert notification). During initial setup after installation, I set F-Secure to use server cert, but now I've created self-signed cert (Login to F-Secure Email and Server Security 14.x/15.x Web Console not working, page not displayed - F-Secure Community (

I cannot assign F-S created cert in IIS console as after changing to it I'm getting error

I've created self-signed cert directly in IIS than I can assign it to F-Secure site, but web console still is showing blank.

All F-Secure services are running.

OS : WinSrv 2k16 Std

How can gain access to Web Console ?


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    Do ensure that you are not using old link such as -

    We had one customer who saved links from old ess12 webui and tried to access them after upgrade.

    Basically webui needs following to work:

    1) Running iis

    2) Running site with cert in iis

    3) Running app pools in iis

    4) Browser run under admin user

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    I'm using the new Web console link -->

    IIS and app pools are running

    Cert is assigned (self-signed, generated in IIS)

    Browser (IE) is started as administrator.

  • jameschjamesch Posts: 223 Moderator


    Have you tried other browsers?

    We have seen webui was working in Firefox but displayed blank page in IE

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