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Hi everyone,

I currently use a password manager provided by Lastpass. At the end of March, they're changing their usage model, which, for me, will make it impossible for me to continue using the free version.

So, my question, is this - if (and before) I upgrade my F-Secure subscription from Safe to Total, is there a way to import the passwords from Lastpass to F-Secure? I can export a CSV from Lastpass - will I be able to import that?



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    Dear @Mike2001 ,

    You can import passwords from other password managers that support export to open text format. Importing is possible only with the Windows and Mac versions of the product.

    F-Secure ID PROTECTION supports importing passwords from the following password managers:

    • Dashlane
    • F-Secure ID PROTECTION
    • Google Chrome
    • KeePassX V2
    • LastPass

    To import passwords into F-Secure ID PROTECTION:

    1. Open F-Secure ID PROTECTION.
    2. Select Settings > Import passwords.
    3. From the drop-down list, select the password manager from where you want to import the passwords.

    Instructions on how to export your passwords from the chosen password manager will be shown.

    1. Once you have exported and saved the file locally, drag and drop it to the ID PROTECTION app.

    F-Secure ID PROTECTION imports the passwords automatically and tells you how many passwords were imported.



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